The Writers

Our crew of writers manning The Cracked Kettle hail from the the damp shores of Ireland to the sunny Pacific west coast of America. Our writers are a mix of professional authors, moonlighting cartoonists and closet amateurs. Each week beneath the pitiless stars they beat out tunes for our amusement. Read More.


Sarah Jamila Stevenson is a writer, artist, graphic designer, and editor living in Northern California. She is the author of the young adult novels THE LATTE REBELLION (Flux, 2011) and UNDERNEATH (Flux, June 2013). More info at


Tanita S. Davis is a Coretta Scott King honored novelist who has embraced poverty in the form of writing full-time. Recently returned from five years in Glasgow, she’s becoming reacquainted with “Yank English,” and always feels just a bit more neurotic than usual referring to herself in the third person. Her rambling thoughts can be found @ [fiction instead of lies].


Neil Struthers hails from Derry, Northern Ireland. By day he encourages and threatens computers until they do things they don’t want to do. By night he transforms into a cartoonist and writer. He says that he’s here to ‘amuse and astonish’, ‘incinerate [our] psychic cobwebs’ and ‘think of clever things to say for his profile’. ‘I’m all out of clever things to say for my profile’, he adds. His art and wittering can be found at


Donal Murphy

Donal Murphy is a Dublin based writer with a day job in IT. He has written fiction for many years and hopes one day to actually finish some.  You can find his website here


Elisa Redmond is based in Dublin, Ireland.  By day she works in IT which allows her to pursue her real passions of photography, baking and writing.  Fuzzy photographs, wonky cakes and questionable fiction are her forte.